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When you enter TolHouse, you’re greeted by 3 statement pieces that are core to what we’re about: community, art, and hospitality. This week we’ll focus on togetherness, and what brings us together better than food? Just installed is 8 feet of tinted glass to the left of the entryway. Upon entering the House, you’ll peer around silhouettes of wine bottles that span 8 columns while watching the kitchen staff prepare amazing dishes.

Earth @ TolHouse is an ambitious coffeehouse located inside your TolHouse. Equally a collaborative workspace, coffeehouse and bar, Earth is the perfect place to take a meeting, read a book, or conceive your next big idea.


Removing old stucco to expose more brick at Earth.

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  1. Diana Patton April 5, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    Oh wow! Great work. It looks amazing. I am so excited for all things TolHouse! Thank you for bringing this to LIFE!

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