Technology Solutions Provider (Partner)

We work behind the scenes to support our clients’ needs for smart building solutions.


AGM Energy Services is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firm that was established in 2012.

AGM Energy Services is a leading independent energy consulting firm headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio
with branch offices in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio.

We ensure energy related quality design and analysis of products, that meet or exceed our clients’ goals.

Direct engineering and project quality control is provided as needed, to minimize implementations
costs, while maximizing the best return on investment.

AGM specializes in energy related services that include:

  • Energy Services

  • Master Systems Integration Services

  • Commissioning Services

  • Criteria Engineering

Our goal is to strategically position our clients for success by providing direct owner advocacy, energy consultation and smart building solutions for operational efficiency.

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, limited resources and escalating operational costs, the need for non-proprietary systems and solutions that provide real-time information, reduce operating costs and provide simplistic yet flexible operation is critical to today’s building managers. These elements when combined with unbiased expertise tailored to your unique business operation, will provide sustainable and quantifiable energy and operational savings as well as reduce the amount of risk associated with maintaining and operating a facility today.


We ensure energy related quality design and analysis of products, that meet or exceed our clients goals.

Energy Services

In today’s complex energy market and demand driven cost structures, it is critical to have the capability to make quick and accurate decisions with regards to building control and operations. Coupled with continuously progressive and evolving technologies and requirements for a timely response, makes it critical that building operators implement a smart building approach to energy management and facilities operation.

Our team of versatile engineers utilize a combination of energy modeling and professional real-world experience to evaluate energy saving opportunities. Additionally, the impact they may have on facility operations and overall production.

Master Systems Integration (MSI)

As a Master Systems Integrator, AGM Energy Services specializes in connecting building stakeholders to various building systems. This unique process allows the ability to provide useful, meaningful, and important information and control. These abilities further provide the stakeholder and end user with the ability to make real time decisions, thus allowing for efficient and proactive measures to be taken. AGM Energy Services has a talented group of innovative systems engineers who strive to find the best solutions for our clients. Our staff possess a wide variety of skillsets that set us apart from other firms. Our team is certified in the latest and most widely utilized software platforms including but not limited to Niagara 4, Niagara Analytics, Distech, KMC.

  • AGM Energy Services is a pioneer in the energy sector and has developed progressive initiatives including our TCPM program. Please ask us about it for more details and existing customer testimonials!

  • As an MSI, AGM Energy Services has more than 425 instances of Niagara and counting.

  • AGM Energy Services has impacted and connected more than 285 facilities and counting.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning is an in-depth quality assurance process to ensure that building systems are designed, installed, and are operating at maximum performance and efficiency.

  • This quality assurance process ensures that building operators and stakeholders are meeting all energy conservation goals.

  • Commissioning focuses on the safe and orderly handover of the building’s systems from the construction/renovation phase to the owner, guaranteeing its operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.

  • Additionally, when executed in a planned and effective way, commissioning normally represents an essential factor for the fulfillment of schedule, costs, safety and quality requirements of the project.

Commissioning Services

AGM Energy Services possesses a highly trained staff of Certified Building Commissioning Professionals (CBCP), to accurately identify inefficiencies and eliminate waste and unnecessary operating and maintenance costs.

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Improved operating costs

  • Increased net operating income

  • Improved system operation extending beyond preventative maintenance

  • Improved equipment performance

  • Increased asset value

  • Improved occupant comfort

  • Improved indoor environmental quality